How Much Does a Lawyer Make?


A lawyer’s salary is an important factor in deciding whether to pursue the career. The average lawyer salary in the United States is $144,230, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While that figure is higher than the average salary for most occupations, it’s important to note that this is just a national average, and salaries vary significantly by state.

Law Schools That Pay High Salary

There are many law schools that offer a good salary for their graduates, including Harvard University and Columbia Law School. The amount you will earn as a lawyer is dependent on a number of factors, including where you practice and your educational experience. The best law school will provide you with a solid foundation in the legal system and give you access to high-level internships that can lead to lucrative jobs once you graduate.

Top law firms that pay a lot of money for their graduates include the Stanford Law School, Harvard Law School and the University of California Berkeley. These schools are renowned for producing some of the country’s highest-paid lawyers, and they often produce several hundred attorneys per year.

Starting lawyer salaries for attorneys in large law firms tend to be fairly high, as are those in smaller firms. However, it is possible to start your own law firm and make more money.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys

One of the fastest growing areas of the legal field is medical malpractice, which involves suing hospitals, doctors and other health care professionals when they are negligent. Medical malpractice lawyers can earn an average of $95,000, according to PayScale.


Mediation is a process in which two sides try to reach a resolution to a dispute without filing a lawsuit. It is a less expensive option than a full-blown lawsuit and can be successful in settling the issue.

Other Areas of the Law

In addition to practicing law, a lawyer may also serve as a mediator in disputes. This can be a contractual obligation or an attempt to settle a case before a lawsuit is filed.

Lawyers who practice in military courts are not available to the general public and typically do not make much money. They also serve as liaisons between allied nations and the legal authorities of these countries. Recommended this site Washington DC accident lawyer .

Depending on where you practice, you may also earn an additional salary as a paralegal or legal assistant. These positions usually involve performing a wide variety of administrative tasks, research and writing to support lawyers in their work.

Law professors

A legal professor’s salary is largely determined by the school where they teach, the reputation of their institution and the endowment that the school has. The top law schools and universities will pay their law professors higher than those in smaller schools or those with poorer reputations.

Corporate Lawyers

A corporate lawyer’s salary can range from low hundreds of thousands for new associates to high hundreds to low millions for partners. Those in the highest ranks at big law firms can make well over $1 million, and their salaries can continue to increase as they build a successful practice and become a partner.